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Monocline 02 | Eau De Parfume 100ml |

Monocline 02 | Eau De Parfume 100ml |

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Monocline 02 | Eau De Parfume 100ml |

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Monocline 02 Perfume / Eau De Parfum by Maison Alhambra / Lattafa (Inspired by Escentric Molecules Molecule 02)

Introducing Monocline 02, a captivating fragrance presented by Maison Alhambra in a 100ml bottle. This exquisite perfume combines a harmonious blend of top, middle, and base notes, resulting in a velvety, warm, subtle, and sweet aroma that is truly captivating.

  • Top Notes: Grapefruit, Orange Notes
  • Middle Notes: Sandalwood, Lily
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber, Musk

Monocline 02 stands out with its unique use of ambroxan, the most fragrant element of amber, a classic perfume ingredient. This addition gives the fragrance a distinct character and depth, creating an enduring scent that leaves a lasting impression.

With its oriental notes, Monocline 02 adds a hint of spice to your daily routine. The interplay of grapefruit and orange notes in the top layer provides a refreshing and invigorating opening. As the fragrance evolves, the creamy and woody essence of sandalwood combines with the delicate floral touch of lily, creating a sense of sophistication and allure.

In the base notes, the fragrance settles into a warm and sensual embrace. Vetiver adds an earthy and smoky dimension, while amber and musk provide depth and longevity. The overall composition leaves a captivating and enduring trail that captivates the senses.

Monocline 02 by Maison Alhambra is a fragrance that elevates your everyday experiences. Embrace its velvety, warm, subtle, and sweet aroma, and let it add a touch of spice and enduring nature to your daily routine.

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