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Oud Ispahan | Eau De Parfume 100ml |

Oud Ispahan | Eau De Parfume 100ml |

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Oud Ispahan | Eau De Parfume 100ml |

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Oud Ispahan Eau de Parfum by Ard Al Zaafaran is a woody, floral, oriental perfume for women and men.

Oud Isphahan begins spicy and slightly sharp with thyme, spices, saffron, pepper and floral notes.

The heart note is full of rose scents, accompanied by cinnamon, woody notes and patchouli.

A base of sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk and oudh completes the perfume woody and warm.

Oud Isphahan starts relatively "loud", but later on gets gentle and dry, leaving a pleasant and elegant impression. Oudh is not predominant here, but sets beautiful dark accents.

A beautiful, refined and mysterious perfume that can also be worn well in everyday life without disturbing anyone.

• Main accords: Oudh, roses, balsamic, amber, woody, spicy, oriental

        Top notes                    Middle notes                        Base notes
thyme, spices, saffron, pepper, floral notes

roses, cinnamon, woody notes, patchouli


Oudh, musk, cedar, amber, sandalwood
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